How University Students Can Have Healthy Lifestyle?

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Here are things we should do to stay healthy at college:

How University Students Can Have Healthy Lifestyle?

  • Time of study: think about your time of study and make good planning, as part of your weekly schedule. As an example, when would it be good to attend regular classes, If these can be allocated into manageable blocks of time, you may keep on top and still have time for leisure. So, do not overdo it, but still do enough to have good chance to do everything completely. You need to try not to study more than two hours at a time. So, decide if you are more likely to be more effective in the morning or afternoon, as this can make huge differences. If you can ask friends or fellow students to join the plan, you can encourage others to follow the plan. Choose someone who can be reliable, with these plans
  • Organize: Have a system to fully prioritize workloads. For example, is a system for planning, calendar or memo is used to summarize how the work should be organized or what are activities that need to be completed? Do you have all the proper tools and equipment to organize this? Produce and store notes and documents in an “easy to recover” way.
  • Eat well: Most of us love fast food occasionally. Prepackaged meals are also easily available. But, we are what we eat. There are multiple studies that show significant improvements in brain functions, as well as focus and concentration when we eat healthy diet. There is no alternative to the fully fresh food that is well prepared. In addition, the kitchen can be fun and relaxing place to be. There are hundreds of recipes quick on the Internet, for those who have the willingness to watch. Why not allocate a day or two every week, so you decide to cook something fresh from scratch? However, it is not only what you eat, but when you eat is also important. Try to eat three meals a day at a reasonable interval. Eating only after 20 hours can lead to sleep disorders and poor digestion symptoms. Also avoid caffeinated drinks (including soda pop) during the day.
  • Exercise: Regular physical activities are great, especially short bursts of 3 or 4 times each week. Better go for 15 minutes of running every other day, instead of being exhausted in one hour sprint each week. Exercise leads to gradual release of endorphins, which are known as the happy chemicals. These chemicals improve your mood and help us with much more positive thinking.
  • Limit entertainment: This means using the Internet, SMS, Xbox, Playstation and television. By having too much of entertainment we can get a bad thing. Before we go to sleep, there can be too many images, sounds and ‘screen flickering’ that keep our mind over-stimulated. This could explain why we feel exhausted but still can’t sleep. Set a proper limit for those activities, especially if we do it after 21:00. It is much better if we go to sleep after that time.
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